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Natto and highest life expectancy

Why the Japanese use Natto - Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy because for centuries the Japanese have used Natto to increase energy and stamina, nourish heart and bones, remove toxicity, and slow the aging process. Natto is a soya bean powder fermented according to a traditional Japanese recipe and dehydrated. It is extremely rich in rare vitamins and minerals.

Neobiotika NATTO powder is a fermented food with probiotic properties made according to a traditional Japanese recipe. Our Natto is produced through the fermentation of organic soy with Bacillus subtilis natto, a very special bacterium imported from Japan. In contrast with chungkukjang, the salty Korean equivalent, Natto has no added salt.
The Japanese use Natto because it has several health benefits:

  • Improved digestion and assimilation.
  • Substantial increase in energy and stamina
  • Healthy blood, blood vessels and heart, stronger joints and bones
  • Increase of the immune system activity and efficiency, (i.e. disease prevention and healing,)
  • As poultice on wounds and burns, it prevents infection and hastens healing,
  • Applied to the face and neck as a cosmetic mask

​NATTO keeps the skin younger and provides a beautiful complexion, For more information read our document “NATTO – THE WONDER FOOD" SUPPORTED BY SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION”.  NEOBIOTIKA offers standing bags with 330 grams or 150 grams of Natto dehydrated[1] at low temperature, with all enzymes designed to stay active.

​Our dehydrated Natto is milled into powder for easier utilization. It can be used as parmesan cheese and for smoothies. It can be also added to soups and food dishes, or simply swallowed in water or juice. Add cinnamon and/or ginger for flavour and for a better glycemic and inflammations control.

Tips—Natto has a special flavor, surprising to Westerners accustomed to sweet and salty foods. Natto is an acquired taste. For the westerner beginner, we advise to stir small amounts into veggies juice, tomato juice, coconut milk, and even added to coffee, chocolate, etc., and increase amounts gradually.
For rapid results, at least two tablespoons should be ingested per day. Each tablespoon contains about 7 grams of natto; thus a pouch should provide enough natto for three weeks. You will notice a difference after a week.
Also, for best results the last daily natto should be taken just before going to bed.
[1] 330 grams dehydrated natto is equivalent to about 750 grams fresh natto.