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The Transformation | P2: The Awakening

The Transformation | P2: The Awakening

Join us for "The Transformation: P2: The Awakening," an immersive retreat on July 20, 2024, designed to deepen your experience and understanding of holistic wellness practices.

 This event is perfect for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners, offering a unique blend of activities that will enrich your mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to the amazing offerings of the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a light vegan lunch

as well as for a small upcharge participants can experience the BioCharger NG at lunch break inbetween enjoying the delicious offering.

Date: July 20, 2024

Time: 10:00AM - 5PM CST
Location: Evolve Yoga & Wellbeing Center

14314 S. Union Ave Orland Park, IL




After June 23rd it goes up to $149

Please note: You must complete this waiver form before purchase 


What to Expect


Gain detailed insights on various aspects of breath...

Practical daily application as well as athletic performance & spiritual development.

All while having various immersive music saturated breathwork journeys.

Body Mechanics:

Learn how the smallest movements create the biggest impact and how to adapt these techniques into any physical model. Participants will not only gain insights but have several opportunities to experience realtime application to move with greater efficiency and ease.


Cultivate inner peace and mindfulness thru experience as well as tools that will allow you to experience somadhi anywhere anytime

Sound Healing:

Experience a journey in vibrational sound that will surely have you feeling lighter and more peaceful. Resulting in a new perspective of the now upon completion. 

Qigong Introduction:

Discover the ancient practice of Qigong to cultivate inner health and vitality.  

Thru this practice participants will discover key fundamentals that will allow any style of Qigong to be enhanced.

Nutrition / Herbalism / Ayurveda:

Gain insights into using nutrition, herbs, and ancient wisdoms for optimal health & longevity.

Neuroscience / Bodytalk

Thru ought the seminar participants will gain insights into how our neural pathways play a significant role in our daily perception of life. 

Further participants will understand how to utilize new skills on listening to the higher intelligence in connection with the physical body to navigate all aspects of life more efficiently.


RoninWolf M. Dow

Total Body Re-Education Specialist

Breathwork Facilitator

FoodHealing Professor

and more...

Wanda Rodriguez

500hr+ Yoga Instructor

Sound Healer

Ayurvedic Practitioner

and more...

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